Don’t let your website jump out rate is more than the bottom line

2, the website theme style to highlight the brand with the corresponding


object service is enterprise website, then the object target flow and the precise user is very high proportion, compared with other types of sites out rate should be relatively low. The 70% is a bottom line corporate website bounce rate, once more than the bottom line, represents the site itself optimization division or web site problems.

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"bounce rate" is one of the most important data in website optimization, through the study of this data, we can quickly know the user experience of enterprise website. The enterprise website jump out rate should remain within the range of 40% is can be compared, because natural enterprise website traffic will be relatively small, and the keywords of this kind of website is in favor of some technical terms or phrases — Beijing website construction industry. read more

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Love is love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai’s most successful products rather than grave

from the perspective of the user experience, so strong love is indeed better than the foreign Wikipedia Encyclopedia of Shanghai, where Wikipedia is the real authority people prepared, and love is just by our national Shanghai Encyclopedia written. The quality of entry is very likely to be greatly reduced, and the audit term love Shanghai personnel are not professional personnel, such as a Wikipedia entry, a car parts, love Shanghai personnel also may not be an expert, maybe just look reasonable, clear page, no ads, may also allegedly passed. There may be some things and facts and words introduced a little bit counter situation, but a lot of important entry through the N multiple well written strictly, credibility is very high. Although the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love than Wikipedia, but at least in the home or none of the Wikipedia entries can be compared, soso Wikipedia sucks, reading a large advertising effect is very poor, I have several times the site implanted into the middle to entry. Let alone the Interactive Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia is largely copied from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. Love is also a large number of Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia entry through the most difficult. As for other encyclopedia the most advantageous point is to help Shanghai love Wikipedia editing is the most. Of course, this is based on the love of Shanghai is China search engine boss position, from the above points, I can see that although the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is not so good, but nobody can do better than that, you agree with read more

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