Silver shop named what kind of stress

In fact,

shop name and our name, there is a lot of attention, for any one owner, only to pay attention to all these concerns, this can make the name more success. Now many people like to take some of their own jewelry, so there will be a lot of people think about opening a silver shop, but when we consider the shop but do not know how to give their shop name. Because a good name may give us the whole store to bring some good fortune. Therefore, the name of this link has become very important.

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Those things about noodles

for noodles to join, venture investors will always worry about a variety of problems, such as noodles really is a suitable for mass consumption of food? People will always have more or less questions about noodles, what is the matter, followed by a small series I look at it.

noodles in the end fat?

every 150 grams of cooked noodles containing 1 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbohydrates and 180 thousand calories, compared with some high calorie and high – fat foods, it is not fat, but it can give people sense of satiety. Because many studies have shown that the slow action of carbohydrates can increase satiety, so the daily intake of the equivalent of noodles and no risk of obesity. read more

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The government of Hubei Province, Shanghai and Zhejiang two research organization innovation platfor

innovation and entrepreneurship work can not slack off, which is the province’s economic development plan, but also China’s development plan in 2016. Therefore, the government of Hubei Province, Shanghai and Zhejiang two research organization innovation platform construction and development.

3 22 -23 June, by the Hubei provincial government deputy secretary general Liu Zhongchu led the provincial science and technology department deputy director Peng Quan, the provincial government office of the Secretary of the six department, the provincial science and technology department coordination office of the person in charge of a line of 6 people went to Shanghai, Zhejiang investigation, investigation to understand the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, learning both in speeding up innovation and entrepreneurship platform construction, the successful experience and effective practices to promote the development of innovation driven. read more

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Whether the project is feasible 3 steps to understand the answer

the current venture capital market, the most is the lack of the project, however, whether the project is feasible in the end, such a project is worth our choice, naturally plagued countless entrepreneurs. In fact, the project is feasible, only need 3 steps to let us know the answer. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the steps of this scrutiny.

Xiaoshan Mr. Li letter: I have opened more than 10 years of the hotel, the recent business has been bad, want to change jobs. But in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, encountered doubts. Before a few times when, now the network on a variety of investment projects below made some of my Nothing needed is lacking., is considering the project, hoping to give reference. read more

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Zhangshu City, Jiangxi province entrepreneurship training

is now in rural areas has become a good place for people to entrepreneurship and investment at the same time, there are a lot of farmers have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship needs some knowledge of entrepreneurial knowledge, local governments are also actively to farmers training.

"this village held entrepreneurship training really learned a lot of knowledge, the teacher is very thorough, let us the culture of junior high school students listen to it! Thanks to the government’s good policy!" The day before, just attended the entrepreneurship training said Liu Baogen happily. read more

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The first Zhongguancun area Internet plus entrepreneurial contest awards winner yesterday

Zhongguancun is China’s leading science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship base, numerous well-known venture projects here have been conceived, and success. Yesterday, the first Zhongguancun area "Internet plus" entrepreneurial contest perfect ending, the spectacular new Herald China innovation and entrepreneurship in the future.

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How can we make the shop business better

now choose to open shop is more and more, thus resulting in the industry’s competition is increasingly fierce, and let the whole industry more confusion, in this context, if you want to make your own shop business is hot, natural to also need to master the relevant skills. So, how can we make the business of the shop better? Let me see small series of.

1. do not release repeat information: do not think that the release of information, others will increase the probability of seeing. How can ability make the business of net inn better? When the customer to enter your site to see a lot of duplication of information, and ultimately can only bring the opposite effect, will cause the customer’s sense of distrust, that you are in a random message. read more

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Restaurants can not be too polite

in order to reflect the quality of services, but also in order to attract more customers, and now a lot of food and beverage shops to provide the service is very attentive, and even let the diners feel uncomfortable. So, if you want the restaurant business is booming, often can not be too polite.

a friend from abroad to talk about the development of the domestic food and beverage industry in the past, so commented ". It seems to be a praise of the words, in order to continue to understand the meaning of inquiry. The true feelings of the original friend is: decoration is very high, the dishes are very general; service is very attentive, satisfaction is not high. read more

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Nest nest coffee

do you like coffee? How do you like your coffee? Do you know how to Chinese on this exotic coffee attitude? What about the market prospects of the coffee shop? Look at this group of data, you have the answer.

currently, coffee consumption in Chinese cities, the average annual per capita consumption of coffee is 4 cups, even in Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, the annual consumption per person is only about 20 cups. In Japan and the UK, an average of one cup of coffee per person per day. Japan and the United Kingdom are the world’s famous tea culture, has developed into a huge coffee market. China, which has a strong tea culture, has a broad potential for coffee consumption and is becoming the world’s largest coffee consumer market. In many large and medium-sized city home and place the number of professional coffee every year in the growth rate of about 25%, is expected to 2015 domestic coffee consumption will reach 200 thousand tons, to 500 thousand tons in 2020, be equivalent to Japan’s coffee consumption, then the coffee market China total consumption amounted to $50 billion, from the whole industry chain market space, there will be hundreds of billions of dollars. read more

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Open a hot business teahouse also need a housekeeper

want to make a shop business is hot, we need to do a good job will involve all aspects of the content, for the opening of the teahouse is even more so. With the further development of science and technology, traditional industries such as tea began to absorb modern elements, in order to adapt to the modern social personality and fashion needs, such as Wuyutai provide Internet service in the teahouse is one of them.

In fact, not only in terms of service

follow the trend of the times, but also in terms of management has begun to use advanced management technology for customer service. Recently, I talked with a friend of a teahouse management software, some of which are worth learning. read more

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Xiamen in the second quarter of 2016 tourists satisfaction survey ranked first in Fujian

Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard, people’s material life has been greatly improved, and the pursuit of spiritual level is

. More and more people choose to travel in leisure time, for different tourist areas, the evaluation of tourists is also different. The second quarter of 2016, the survey of tourist satisfaction, Xiamen ranked first in Fujian, has been widely recognized and supported by the community.

in the second quarter of this year, Xiamen tourist satisfaction in the first place in Fujian Province, followed by Sanming City, the city of Ningde for third. Today, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau announced the second quarter of 2016, the survey of tourist satisfaction, the overall satisfaction of tourists in Fujian in the two quarter was 75.95 points, continue to maintain a relatively satisfactory level. read more

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How to deal with crisis public relations in catering industry

in recent years, the food and beverage industry has undergone a startling change, due to the rapid spread of information, consumers have a new understanding of food safety issues, which also allow them to pay more attention to food health. For entrepreneurs, the understanding of how to do a better job of crisis public relations, the most important, positive treatment in order to continue to obtain consumers.

, a sincere apology, ease consumer sentiment

"attitude determines destiny", the event of a crisis, this sentence is true. In dealing with the crisis, attitude is the most important. The first time the voice and responsibility of all doubt can not bear down, can not talk ambiguously, ambiguous attitude, can not speed slow, and then come up with the most responsible attitude and the fact that the action quickly and make the processing of events. In fact, after a lot of crisis events, the media and the audience and even the victim is not very concerned about the event itself, but more concerned about the attitude of the responsible person. Apathy, arrogance, and other attitude will only increase the public’s anger, the incident itself a serious amplification. read more

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