Ningbo notary office ushered in a big wave of people come to the testator

Wills was originally a lot of old people, but in Zhejiang, Ningbo notary office, a lot of young people have opened the door of the notary office, have their own property allocation. What are the stories inside? Let’s take a look at it and hope to win recognition.

their argument is: there is no taboo, as early as the notary, after less disputes."

90 only daughter’s will: the name of the house to the parents, not to her husband

tells the story of Ningbo Yongxin notary Notary Zhao Yue: read more

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Cen Leixin continue to learn to let the shop business

The operator

many retail stores will be the envy of those popular business shop, in fact, these shops are popular, naturally has a secret of their own, let us come to know about this case. Guizhou city of Xingyi Province, is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Guangxi key provinces, there is such a piece of a gilded signboard — Leixin cigarette and liquor vendor many the size of the shops in the town, like a flower blooming bougainvillea, in the center of the old city.

, the 22 year old shop, has been run by Cen Leixin and his wife, husband and wife, with the help of a couple of years. The. 15 square meters of large stores, cigarette sales in 2015 was 7805, the amount of sales of $1 million 566 thousand. For business, CEN Leixin has its own set of secret. read more

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No culture can make money – what entrepreneurial

there is no culture in a lot of things will be divided into two aspects, for those who have no culture, whether it is employment or entrepreneurship, in fact, have been a lot of restrictions. Therefore, if you do not want to make money through the entrepreneurial culture to change their lives, naturally need to be more cautious in the choice of business opportunities. So, no culture can do business to make money? Let Xiaobian to introduce several business opportunities for you.

no culture can do poineering work to make money? Open the old clothes change shop: read more

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Considering the trademark rights and the right to take its name before

spent a great deal of thought, not easy to shop for a satisfied with their own name, when the registered trademark and name, but was told that the name has been, and some may even constitute infringement, the owner is undoubtedly a very big loss. So, considering the trademark rights and the right to take its name before.

a loud eye-catching name, a creative logo, for the store, not only reflects the business content of the important business card, but also to attract customers and promote business is an important means of prosperity. However, some individual businesses in their chosen name when an inattentive, name, font and font size or even logo with others Zhuangshan, infringement of trademark rights of others is not only in terms of their own, resulting in unnecessary losses. In May 19th, Suqian city is located in the famous international garden on the east side of Sucheng District of a beauty shop is a company in Shanghai for alleged infringement of exclusive rights of trademark and to accept the survey asked the business sector. read more

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Shops make full use of space to increase revenue

different shops, the area will be different, not every shop is full of commodities, in this context, if we can dig out the needs of the market, may wish to increase the number of business projects, so as to bring greater economic income for the owner. Today, many community retail stores began selling vegetables to sell fruit, I am also very optimistic about the business opportunities. However, because of my own shop does not have the operating conditions, so there has been no increase in the operation of the project. read more

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The bamboo fiber stores how to do market positioning – the whole

In fact,

shop to do business, in addition to the choice of a good project, a clear market demand factors is very important, now home in the decoration of the time to choose some love bamboo fiber products, which promote the development of bamboo fiber market, some entrepreneurs see this phenomenon, choose to open their own bamboo fiber the franchise, so entrepreneurs how to do market positioning?

The price of bamboo fiber bamboo fiber

stores can not be complex, to the grocery store feeling, and not as extreme price shops. For example, the average price of bamboo fiber shop products. In fact, most of the best-selling bamboo fiber in the low price. The store is often a store where customers buy and choose from time to time, with the emphasis on the richness and functionality of the store. read more

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Earn 80 thousand of the personalized poster Custom Shop secret

some people think entrepreneurs can not find a suitable project, in fact, a good project on the side, as long as you can find business opportunities, to the success of the mining wealth, for example, we can often see the poster of life can also bring great wealth, take the next article.

now poster printing technology is very exquisite, especially some imitation painting posters, entirely believable. High strength from this point of view, think of a way to increase profit point:

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Fashion hot mom spare time to open studio month earned 20 thousand

although modern women have been out of the family, but for children, many young mothers have to quit work at home with children, for young mothers, a lot of spare time in my spare time, but don’t know what to do. Today Xiaobian for you to tell a story about a hot business.

Small warm "home"

innocence painted illustrator hiding in Jianghan Road pedestrian street in an apartment building, with more than and 90 square meters workshop warm. Garden floral wallpaper, covered with the participants of the work table, a bunch of fresh flowers exudes a pleasant fragrance, a little white cat to flee in the computer under the table to flee. Compared with other schools, the studio is more like a small home. read more

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2012 best entrepreneurial industry projects recommended

2012 years a lot of friends want to do their own small business, it is best to have some good projects can learn from. As the whole network of qualifications is shallow for your analysis in 2012 the best business project which. First of all, we must know that in any industry can be successful, any industry can make money. For example, we can think of selling vegetables can also get rich, the same can be rich cattle, the same stall can also get rich, the most common variety of snacks can be rich. The idea of getting rich comes from our daily life, and the success of getting rich comes from the practical feasibility.
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Wang will drink to join a good good choice project

we all know that summer is often a very profitable season. Moreover, the choice of drinks in the summer is also a large demand. How deep will drink? In the beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also deeply loved by consumers!

summer easy to drink gold to join the election which?. Wang will bring a lot of unique and delicious, do not enjoy the same, this kind of feeling, like drought rain that is really the franchisee to stop. But in the end outstanding in where? Let Xiaobian summarized. read more

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The car battery should pay attention to what the whole to join

green travel, to choose the battery car? Quality projects, successful business, the best choice for green. How to join the battery car? For entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Simple way to join the choice, the strength of the brand to join the project selection! So, the battery car should pay attention to what?

the same battery car, according to the following methods can be used to allow battery car travel more than 1/3, battery life extended 6 months or more:

The faster the

1. battery car is, the shorter the mileage and the shorter the service life of the battery. Recommendation: medium speed driving. read more

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What are the new ideas of rural entrepreneurial wealth

Although the current

business opportunities are many, but many have been repeated with the market, and even the market has reached saturation. So, whether it is to choose where to start, in fact, we need to innovate. We have a lot of people may have to sell shoes on the island said the story, some people think that the people on the island do not wear shoes do not have the market, but some think it is a big market, the results of different ideas are not the same, just as some people made money in rural areas, built a house, buy a luxury car. And some people go out to work, why the gap so big? read more

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Xing Xin delicacy eight bowls of fragrant fruit face with opportunity – how to choose

Xing Xin eight bowls of delicious fruit noodles good? In our lives, not only has a very high popularity, joined Xin Xing eight bowls of delicious fruit dishes, or with a large market space for development. Join Xing Xin food eight bowls of fragrant fruit surface project, worry about entrepreneurship, what are you worried about?

in today’s world, the hands of technology, of course, is the most popular. If you want to open the noodle shop, welcome to Xin Xing delicacy eight bowls of fragrant fruit Oh! We don’t like other franchisees, will control you, but will you answer for what you do pasta such doubts, so you can control from the headquarters, to open his own income read more

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Retailers need to pay attention to the whole shelf cleanup work –

a store as long as there is a physical display, naturally need shelves. However, the shelves of many shops simply do not clean up, this is a long time in fact, a loss, but also an increase in the cost of natural. As we all know, reduce operating costs equal to improve operating profit. What is the operating cost? For example, we do not move the cost of goods shelves, followed by moving goods.

sell a piece of leather, this is not true, but as a display of goods shelves, we have a little bit of it? The new shelves and neat goods like people’s face, neat, neatly placed, the sales will be greatly different. Ask, a messy shop, there will be a few customers willing to patronize? And look at how the maintenance of the shelf. read more

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Ten world famous brand rankings

for the wine this drink, it can be said that people all over the world are loved, many important occasions, it is necessary to drink this. It is because of this keen love, will make China’s wine market has a lot of big brands, many of which have become the world’s famous wine. In fact, the charm of these wines is not to drink, but in the collection; these wines are very rare, very attractive to collectors, the price makes you speechless. In 2000, a bottle of Eagle wine 1992 (ScreamingEagleCabernet1992) in the name of charitable donations, sold for $500 thousand, the highest sales record of a single bottle of wine. Let us take a look at the world’s top ten wine brands list, so as to know the price of these products do not drink it. read more

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