Supervision of key water conservancy projects in Xining the concept of ecological civilization to do

August 28th, mayor Wang Yubo led by the deputy mayor of the water conservancy department and the comrades in charge of the lake, lake water management and other water conservancy projects in the field of governance, supervision and inspection of key water conservancy projects in Xining. Wang Yubo stressed that the rule of governance strategy, water for the big political. City Water Department to put water in the strategic height of the sustainable development of the city, in the province of ecological civilization construction under the background of the first area of the overall planning, deepening the concept of ecological civilization construction, learn from the experience of ecological civilization construction of water, the implementation of a water conservancy project according to the requirements of ecological environment protection. read more

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Xining movable cultural relics census start

Xining, the first national survey of movable cultural relics have been fully activated. The basic situation and its state of preservation to the city of Xining will fully grasp the movable cultural relics, further scientific evaluation of the cultural resources and values, establish and improve the state-owned cultural relics protection system, safeguard national cultural safety, promote the integration and utilization of cultural resources, enrich the public cultural services, safeguard the people’s basic cultural rights and interests. read more

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The Western self Jieduan scene polished windows

afraid Jieduan, welcomed the media supervision, west area of a city to tackle the real, leveraging the evening a city window Polish campaign, invited a city evening news Fangzu Dundian West, found at the scene, the scene report, on-site rectification, not a dead city. Recently, evening news reporter to send 8 Road West, "prick" of each window, related law enforcement personnel on-site follow rectification.

city law enforcement officers to persuade Jeeves vendors

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Xining new area development has a roadmap

Xining planning and construction of the New District of Xining, what is it like? According to the provincial government to speed up the overall deployment of Xining eastern city construction group center, the Urban Planning Bureau to prepare a "Xining new district overall development plan" put forward in the future, Xining District, will undertake the transformation and development of western city demonstration area, Ecological Restoration Zone, Qinghai Tibet Plateau comprehensive service base three functions. read more

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The fifteen session of the Municipal People’s Congress held its eighth meeting

(reporter   Zhang Hongliang)   February 24th afternoon, the fifteenth session of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held a preparatory meeting of the eighth.


meeting elected the Presidium and Secretary General of the general assembly, adopted the agenda of the meeting and announced the names of the heads and heads of delegations.

preparatory meeting, the eighth session of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held its first meeting of the presidium of the fifteenth. At the meeting, the chairman of the presidium was presumed to have adopted the agenda of the general assembly and the Executive Committee of the general assembly to determine the deadline for the motion of the deputy secretary general and the joint motion. read more

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Strive to build a new Qinghai, it is necessary to complete the annual objectives and tasks

development is the golden key to solve all problems. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng stressed at the end of the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress of the six meeting, struggling to build a new Qinghai, it is necessary to complete the annual objectives and tasks. We must be under the strong leadership of the provincial government, around the "four solid" major requirements, grasp the new idea of "four changes", showing a new attitude, as to come up with new, on the implementation of the implementation of re implementation of the key, dry place in reality, in the forefront, to achieve annual goals and tasks on schedule. read more

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The traffic police for the entrance examination candidates

today, the hard work of our students will start the final sprint, in order to create a good test environment for the candidates, the unified arrangements of the city traffic police department, the candidates of the two days, the green light for the candidates.

it is reported that, according to the deployment of the city traffic police detachment, the traffic police brigade during the examination of the candidates sent a sufficient number of police every day to maintain the traffic order around the test sites. To increase inventory efforts to prevent attacks and suspicious vehicle bombings and other terrorist incidents; the establishment of a temporary ban Ming street signs in the center school, prohibited vehicles honk, in violation of the provisions of the ban Ming will be punished according to law; to strengthen traffic management and guidance, prohibited at each test point around the stay; no parking signs, traffic signs erected an important area in each test center; according to the examination set and the need to implement temporary traffic control part of the road, passing vehicles bypass command. In addition, the brigade is still in the area of each test center arranged a paste with the traffic police rescue service candidates for cars and motorcycles, so that candidates and parents can quickly provide assistance when there is demand. read more

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The province’s pilot civil servants usually assessment

to establish a scientific evaluation mechanism of civil servants, is an important basis for a comprehensive and objective evaluation of civil service integrity and selection of civil servants in our province to determine the provincial court, the provincial public security department, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and other 7 units and Xining City as the pilot unit, area, at the same time, Haixi state, Huangnan state to determine a county (city) and a township (town) pilot. April 10th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the pilot areas, the pilot units to actively carry out pilot work. It is reported that
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Qinghai min innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base opened

"welcome to tea." A boy came to visit the guests into the decoration of a new milk tea house, a cup of different taste of sweet milk tea to the end of each visit to the guests. Zhang Xiaoxin, a student of mechatronics, said excitedly: "we have a profit of more than 1000 yuan a month trial operation……" November 18th, Qinghai National University Innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base officially opened.

Qinghai National University Innovation Incubation Base by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security investment 5 million yuan, the school supporting funds late, based on the original chemical laboratory building on the converted, construction area of 5000 square meters, can meet the requirements of the 40 enterprises incubator. The base in September of this year put into trial operation, currently assigned to entrepreneurship project team 32, entrepreneurial projects including network technology, software development, and human development robot applications, in science and technology, business and service in one, driven by a large number of students to participate in business practice. read more

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Xining municipal medical units in the compilation of all personnel to achieve job management

according to the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, Xining actively explore the reform of the personnel distribution system in the reform of public hospitals, the establishment of a flexible and independent employment mechanism, the implementation of the system based on full employment. Up to now, the municipal medical units in the compilation of all personnel from the fixed user to the contract to change the identity management for the post management.

It is reported that

, Xining City, the pilot reform of public hospitals, township hospitals and community health service centers have been established in the contract management on the basis of the employment mechanism, contract with a term of not more than 3 years, professional and technical backbone and academic leaders of key positions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the signing of long-term employment contract. read more

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Province traffic card interoperability enabled

12 30, in the provincial transportation department staff, Xining City, the city of East Sea, the representatives of the representatives of the public, the province, the province’s traffic card interoperability ceremony held in Xining in. This means that in the future, not only in Xining City, East Sea and people of the city can achieve cross regional credit card users, the country has implemented 124 city traffic card can achieve interoperability across regions and traffic.

why should promote the traffic card read more

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Xining careful arrangements for the Spring Festival market vegetables, meat and non-staple food supp

Xining evening news line Xining City Bureau of Commerce and transportation of 86 thousand tons of vegetables stored   day supply parity cattle and sheep * * * 1350 issued a parity vegetable subsidies card

to prepare special purchases for the Spring Festival day once a year. This year, the Spring Festival market supply in Xining, the public can be loaded into the basket of some vegetables? In this special time, on behalf of members concerned about the eyes of the people to the basket. Xining evening news reporter linked to the city’s Commerce Department learned that this year the city government as soon as possible, the Spring Festival market vegetables, meat and non-staple food supply arrangements. In line with the government posted a point down a bit, vendors and wholesalers to let a little, people get a little principle, will be transportation and reserve meat supply to farmers markets, supermarkets and food stores sales area. Through the adoption of direct subsidies to the award on behalf of the way, a total of 2000 yuan subsidy funds, discount loans of $80 million. read more

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Xining city urban management snow melting agent deicing easy to pedestrians and vehicles travel

November 26th, a snowfall to many roads into the ice and snow city, difficult road, drivers complain incessantly. Xining City District Urban Management Bureau using deicing agent deicing effect is good.

the same day in the morning, the provincial city of the north slope of the road because of icy roads, buses do not go, for a time, vehicles blocked. Sanitation workers pick up with a shovel, shovel, because the ice is too thin, the effect is not good. After a while, the Urban District Bureau of urban management agency to spray snow melt agent rushed to the scene on the road after spraying snow melting agent, the snow will soon melt, traffic order to restore the normal. It is understood that this day, the urban management department is also on the small west gate, South Street and other traffic arteries and there is a gradient of the road spray of snow melting agent, to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles travel convenience. (author: Jia Zhongying) read more

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Yan PI and Korean barbecue…… Qinghai province will be the old name

"Strict, Korean barbecue, niangpi Xunhua pepper, Qinghai old yogurt" a taste of pure Qinghai famous snacks, lingering after taste, give the number of foreign tourists left a good memory on the tongue. In order to excavate and protect the "Qinghai time-honored" resources to support the local brand bigger and stronger, recently, the provincial commerce department to carry out the "Qinghai time-honored" that recommended work as an important task, actively preparing for the "Qinghai time-honored" determination and protection work, as the real "Qinghai time-honored name".

"time-honored" refers to the business in the field of history, with generations of products, technology or service, with distinct Chinese characteristics, has been widely recognized in society, the formation of a good social reputation of the brand. In our province, vast territory and abundant resources, cultural diversity, for a long time, people of all nationalities gave birth to a number of distinctive features, excellent quality, rich and colorful "time-honored" in the history of the development process, to meet consumer demand, enrich people’s lives, cultural heritage and other aspects play an important role, a time-honored "brand with generations of Qinghai people to grow, become the number of Qinghai people lingering nostalgia". read more

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To meet the needs of urban construction, Xining will unify the management of the house number

learned from the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the province will be unified management of the west gate number.

With the rapid development of urban construction in Xining, the original house number has been unable to meet the needs of the development of the city, the urgent need to update the

. Many places do not have a house number, some places layout confusion, the location is not obvious, some small house and the installation location is not uniform. To make Xining city building management to adapt to city construction, social development and people’s lives, according to the Qinghai Provincial People’s government office "transmitted the provincial Civil Affairs Department of Qinghai Province town signposts set implementation plan of the notice", the Xining Municipal People’s government office "to the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Xining City" signposts set out the "Circular" plan, the city will be in accordance with the doorplates encoding unified management, the principles for classification by the district (county) civil affairs department responsible for the administrative area of the inner management and brand encoding. read more

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LA restaurant for disabled children in Xining children’s Welfare Institute.

Qinghai news network in June 1st, 15 orphans and disabled children in Xining children’s Welfare Institute at LA restaurant, spent a happy children’s day.

at 11:30 on June 1st, LA west restaurant staff will be Xining city children’s Welfare Institute of the 15 children received a restaurant, gave them a big lunch, but also prepared a beautiful gift. The children ate the delicious meal, and danced with joy. After dinner, the children also spontaneously organized, performed several wonderful programs. The children said that they usually do not have much opportunity to go out to play, on children’s day this day, LA west restaurant staff received them to the restaurant, give them children’s day, they are particularly happy. LA western restaurant staff said, children’s day, the children will go out to play with their families, have been particularly substantial, but children’s welfare homes children, not these. In order to let the children in the orphanage to have a meaningful children’s day, they received 15 children from the orphanage. (author: Zhu Xiquan) read more

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Let the most beautiful power rooted in the heart

Practice the socialist core values, is "you", "he" thing, but also "I" thing.

a country, a nation, an area, its healthy development, to have the material basis, but also have value identity. The eighteen Party of the Communist Party of China from the national, social, personal level, put forward the socialist core values of 24 words, which we must adhere to the value of the target, value orientation, the value of the rule of the three.

small rivers flow, the same is true of the concept of practice of socialist core values. The values of individual citizens such as small flow, the socialist core values like rivers. A small stream of water, lush clean glycol, while the river is flowing, surging righteousness, leading the society and the cohesion of the people, promote economic and social development. read more

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12th Five-Year, the province’s energy-saving environmental protection industry has made new progress

Recently, the reporter from the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission (SASAC) was informed that in 12th Five-Year, the province’s grasp of green, low-carbon, the direction of the development of recycling, energy saving and environmental protection industry has made new progress.

energy-saving environmental protection industry in our province is still in the initial stage, the overall small scale, weak strength, less product variety, lack of leading enterprises, industry scale effect and agglomeration effect is not obvious, the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry is still insufficient. But in the "12th Five-Year" period, the environmental protection industry in our province has made new progress at the same time, energy saving and environmental protection equipment in manufacturing and product development of energy saving and environmental protection to promote the application of advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection service industry to achieve new breakthroughs. read more

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