India electricity supplier Flipkart valuation has shrunk by 36% in the past six months less than $6

Tencent science and technology news, according to Reuters, the United States mutual fund company Fidelity Investments has been held by the India electricity supplier Flipkart stock value of about 36%.

On the 24 January

according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted documents show, Fidelity’s two mutual fund Flipkart stock value down from August of last year’s $81.55 to $52.13 in November 30th.

according to foreign media Mint reported that, according to Flipkart’s issued shares, the company’s valuation of $5 billion 580 million. read more

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A domain name registration company charity to help homeless young people

the world’s largest domain name registration company Go Dadaddy has recently invested in Arizona Phoenix launched a Doorway of Hope dinner party is Arizona’s homeless young people. Go Dadaddy said the purpose of the event is to help a nonprofit charity called HomeBase Youth Services more exposed to dangerous and homeless teens.

"there are a lot of young homeless people, some of them more than the foster age, some young but no adoption, can only live in Arizona, the size of the street." Go Daddy founder and CEO-Bob Parsons said. "As a leader in the business community and the communications industry, we feel it is our duty to do everything we can to help these charities, so that more young people can live a decent life." read more

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Ali opened in Zhejiang, Tonglu 10 rural Taobao

days ago, Zhejiang Province, the second session of the Tonglu Conference on the development of electronic commerce, the Alibaba and the Tonglu county government departments signed the "rural development strategy landing pilot project in Tonglu". This means that Alibaba’s rural Taobao, with the first pilot.

it is understood that in the "double eleven" before the Alibaba in Tonglu will also open 10 similar rural Taobao services, is currently running wildly beating gongs and drums. read more

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Every orchard was accused of selling fake Chu orange responded through legal channels to purchase

[TechWeb] November 23rd news reports, the Zhu Shijian family’s new Kim Fruit Co., said in a statement, the Jingdong and the investment and Kim fruit orchard every day have not yet reached a cooperation. Whether the company itself or channels, not to the two platform sales Chu orange records, the company has issued to the two platform inquiries, but has not yet received a reply.

Jintai Xinping statement implies that every orchard sales Chu orange is fake, the sales Chu orange orchard every day is pushed in the teeth of the storm. The orchard every day to respond to a statement in the official micro-blog said this, the orchard every day through legal channels for sourcing dealers to Zhu Cheng, expressed regret for the statement of Xinping kim. read more

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Entrepreneurs who put force on the copy of the single plank bridge

What is the environment of

, the entrepreneur into the copy, copy, ignorant fearless?

1, the Peach Garden private micro-blog pixel event playback

the Peach Garden, a "pixel copy", attracted hundreds of people at the first sight, domestic entrepreneurs or mobile Internet users, 0 tolerance of plagiarism. Even a lot of friends went to the apple Appstore to download the the Peach Garden, the purpose is not to use, but to the product hit 1 stars, and then uninstall, reduce the ranking of the Peach Garden. read more

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Why do I give up the investment bank to work easily, and choose to start a business

after my graduation, my first job was in an investment bank, where I spent three and a half years.

before applying for the job, I asked a lot of people, "what is an investment banking analyst’s job every day?". There are also a number of high-level responses, often with the words: "teamwork, collaboration, customer interaction". When I came here, I really found my daily work is to help customers reduce expenditure (another say layoffs), every day 80 page PPT, to show customers what we found. read more

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E-commerce website should focus on brand building

for any enterprise, the brand is the core competitiveness of enterprises. With the rapid development of the Internet, the construction of e-commerce websites and the construction of enterprise websites have sprung up, from scratch, from there to more, from more to more…… Efforts to enhance the brand construction of e-commerce sites, so as to become a good corporate image of the brightening agent, promoting booster for the sustainable development of the enterprise, is an important topic of business leadership and website management thinking. read more

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A higher need of the four necessary talents in mind

gift? What is natural? Let me tell you, genius is talent, is the growth characteristics of growth before they already have, in particular things or areas of special natural obsession and so that it can be in the same experience or even experience under the condition of different from other people to speed up. For example, you have to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan gift gift? Wangzhuan not everyone can do, but can say Wangzhuan is a big thing! No talent? Certainly! But just a day after, below I to net webmaster to talk about what the Wangzhuan talent. A detailed description of all the talent, you is 10000 month! You have a look at the read more

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University graduates can drive a Taobao shop in residential buildings

not long ago, Alibaba moved vigorously, but the launching ceremony was put in a small residential area, just because it is the starting place ma. Ma Yun used a variety of ways to express a concept: residential building is a good place to start a business.

recently, the municipal government approved the City Administration for Industry and commerce to further support the admission of college students to relax access to business premises. This paper approved, it can be said to express the views of Ma, reply. read more

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Shop to each other to praise brush reputation fined fifty-five thousand

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Liu Yiming, Zhao Dongqin correspondent Han Wenhua) yesterday, Chancheng District People’s Procuratorate informed the province’s first shop brush credit punishment case, Foshan Zhu Shang Ju trade limited company through the Taobao online shopping are false and gives praise to the way to improve the credibility of the business sector finds the behavior is acts of unfair competition, the imposition of administrative penalty of a fine of 55 thousand yuan. Even more ironic is that the procuratorate and the business sector has been able to find the shop brush credit, it is because the shop reported their police. read more

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2015 of the cross-border electricity supplier grappling, who can be the champion

this year if you have a WeChat circle of friends few sellers, it really is not normal, with the derivative of this upsurge gradually faded and a new word "purchasing" into our vision.

When purchasing this to

is not feeling a bit low grade? It seems that others instead of shopping, then replaced the sea Amoy? As is the "purchasing" grade is increased slightly, the overseas Taobao well, step by step evolved, finally become a cross-border electricity supplier? It sounds tall on the more. read more

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How to break through the existing business model

The investigation report released

data in the third session of the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce application development meeting showed that in 2007 our country have the operational capability of the industry Web site reached 2300, the total operating income of 14 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 47% compared to 2006. In 2007 the total number of enterprises operating B2B site more than 4500, while in 2006 was the year of 2000, to achieve the goal of doubling the development of a year. read more

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College students should pay attention to some problems in the network of entrepreneurship

is now a lot of students and students to open shop, open shop, often is not the most successful, not successful for many reasons, but success is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, students should learn to give priority to, if you open shop are successful, that simply don’t study, the University Name: XX University.

but a lot of college students, especially girls, the Taobao open shop is very interested in, and many students are actively involved, see campus activities and activities of the city a large number of student friends, actually the enthusiasm of the students is very high, but many students Taobao shop is not successful, which makes a lot of students give a serious blow to the morale. read more

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Today (2006-11-25) domain deletion recommendation more today to delete the CN domain name list…… Delete more international domain names today……

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Independent electricity supplier is no longer limited by the Taobao model

is currently on the market point of view, when it comes to the electronic commerce, the first reaction is not Taobao, Dangdang, Jingdong, and Ali, HC, despite a store, where the customer, the United States,, pat and other electricity providers a wave of online shopping platform to a climax, even Suning and Gome also add a lively bend over backwards, after the bustling, is still the overwhelming superiority of Taobao, Tmall took the lead in the hit. E-commerce can only be reduced to Taobao or Tmall’s written pronoun read more

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C2B reverse e-commerce or buy into the site

is a late article, can not remember what time it was, at that time on the Internet to see this news, I have a strong feeling, reverse C2B e-commerce model may be a good way out group purchase website.

a, what is C2B reverse e-commerce

reverse Electronic Commerce (C2B) is a kind of electronic business model, that is, the consumer to the enterprise. The core of the C2B mode, is the formation of a strong group purchasing distribution by dispersion polymerization, but a large number of users, in order to change the user one bid B2C mode of the weak position, to enjoy to buy single commodities at wholesale prices of interest. read more

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Parity Jingdong price information is false hit wherever he goes is true

Liu Qiangdong is very clever on the occasion of the declaration of war for Suning, GOME stores arranged a time bomb. Liu Qiangdong 3000 salary to recruit 5000 Jingdong price information to Suning, Gome store hit wherever he goes, and deliberately recruit retired old man, also dressed in overalls and Jingdong, harassment to sue beauty shopping consumer. This let Sue Beauty how to deal with? The merit of Sunzhao trick, brother, you win, you are too bad.

Su Mei store staff dare to take the Jingdong old man how? read more

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Reduce the cost of distribution in the United States launched Amazon launched a counterattack agains

North American competitors have been overwhelmed Amazon’s overseas direct mail, Alibaba can use the advantage that


Amazon ready to cut some of the goods in the United States, the cost of distribution, in order to compete with Alibaba, to get more Chinese sellers.

Bloomberg reported that the adjustment will take effect in July 1st, launched last year for small and light distribution (Fulfillment by Amazon and Light) program. Now the seller need to pay $1.61 for postage, can shipments to the United States in 3 in the weight of 1 ounces (about 28 grams) within the package. This is 67% lower than the current cost. read more

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The rise of Amazon from grassroots to Hollywood

three years ago, Amazon set up its own film studio (Amazon Studios). It is the main purpose of investment in non Hollywood people and film project, and make a huge audience – the world’s largest users of Amazon – Watch and tasting. The idea is to help talented people to come to the fore, and collect valuable information about the user’s viewing habits of Amazon users. With the continuous development and expansion, Amazon has gone beyond the original set of Prime users to attract and defeat the goal of Netflix. Now, it is becoming a major threat to Hollywood pictures. read more

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The first generation of luxury electricity supplier collective financial difficulties of the industr


[note] I world network operators in the temple library, Luxuries, Fifth Avenue,, the first to the end of Web is founded in the core, in addition to the transformation of flagship domestic brand Weihuo successful (but has not had the luxury business), other closure, the transformation of the transformation. The luxury goods business have to label the authorization, issues to be resolved, the overall industry financing difficulties, mergers and acquisitions repeatedly, which makes the luxury business predicament. read more

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